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1. My download stops in between, what should i do?
This is generally when there is heavy traffic on the site. This leads to the server software handling user requests to restart and thus breaking of downloads just when the restart happen. Generally we have an alternate server for each download link. In case in the first link you experience slow download speed, stop the download and use the alternate download link. Besides this we recommend using a download manager to download files. There is generally a resume option in download managers when the download breaks.

2. AVI files can�t be played on my cell, what should I do?
The most commonly recognized extensions for mobiles are AVI and 3GP. We prefer AVI as it provides better quality when conversion. In case you have a mobile which does not supports AVI we have provided a link where you can convert the AVI files in 3GP. Each download file (episode) has a link to convert to 3GP.
When you click on the 3GP link, in case the file was previously converted by another user, you will be provided with the download link of the 3GP file directly. However, in case the file is requested the first time in a 3GP format, you are requested to start the conversion process. In that case, after submitting the file for conversion, please wait for atleast half hour to get the converted file. After submitting the page you can let the page running or close the page after say 2-5 min. Come back after half hour, come back on the same 3GP (which you find besides any episode download link) and you will find your file.

3. Sometimes there is delay between the episode telecast date and the time when the episode is available on the site
We try our best to make the episodes available at the earliest time possible. However, we have to convert the episodes from pc format to best possible mobile format as all sources are in pc format. This generally takes time. Also, we work in batches. When we have certain number of episodes available to convert we convert them in batch to save resources and time.
However, in case you are awaiting an episode badly, you can consider visiting Frendz Forum . On the site, in the Television section you will be able to find many TV Shows which are regularly updated by users.

4. An episode is available for download but when I try to download it says FILE NOT FOUND
In order to reduce load on a single server we tranfer data onto other servers to make downloads faster. We do transfers to other server at regular interval of 2 hours. So in case a file is uploaded just now the maximum time it may take to be available on the other server is 2 hours. If you get the FILE NOT FOUND error, it coz the file is not yet transferred to the other server.
In such cases you can use the alternate download link as that might mostly work. Or wait for atleast 2 hours for the file to be available.